Article describing a festival we attended


When we write an article describing a festival, event or celebration we attended, we usually write four paragraphs. In the introduction we include general information about the event such as its name, where and when it is held and what the celebration is for. In the second paragraph we write about the preparations for the event. In the third paragraph we describe the actual event itself. In the conclusion, we write our impressions, reactions and recommendations. We usually use present tenses to write about something that happens every year or continues for some time and past tenses to describe our actual experiences at the event. We use adjectives to make our description more interesting. We can also use the passive when the activity is more important than the agent.


Indian Festival

The Milwaukee Native American Indian Festival is truly and amazing event. For three days in September every year, thousands gather in Milwaukee, USA, to celebrate Indian culture. Last year, I was lucky enough to attend the festival and experience it for myself.

The preparations take months. Dance teams from all over the country practise to compete in the tribal Pow Wow dance contest. Indian craftsmen work to produce the many traditional items on display. Then, in the week before the festival, the stalls are put up and the food is prepared, so that everything will be ready for the big day.

The celebrations began at 4pm and there was plenty to see and do. I visited a traditional Indian village, watched skilled craftsmen carve totem poles, and even learned how to do tribal Indian dancing. It was also a great opportunity to sample some traditional native dishes, like corn bread and buffalo burgers.

The festival was fun, entertaining and educational. It was a wonderful way to learn about Native American culture and celebrate the end of summer.

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