Assessment report


An assessment report 1) is usually written for someone in authority such as your employer. It presents and evaluates the positive and negative qualities of a place, person, etc in order to make some kind of judgment or recommendation. Reports always contain factual information.

We always begin a report by saying who the report is for and their position, the writer's name and position and what the report is about.


In the first paragraph we present the purpose and content of the report.

Main Body

In the main body, we present each topic in detail under separate sub-headings.


In the last paragraph we summarise the information and state our general assessment or evaluation.

Other information

We usually write reports in a formal, impersonal style. We write short sentences containing factual language so that the information can be understood easily. We normally use present tenses in assessment reports as well as the passive voice and full verb forms.


To: Mr C. James, Editor
From: Al Thompson, Assistant Editor
Subject: Taj Mahal restaurant

The purpose of this report is to assess the good and bad points of the Taj Mahal restaurant.

The Taj Mahal offers a wide range of Indian cuisine, all of which is beautifully cooked and presented. What is more, the meals are good value for money as the prices are quite reasonable.

The waiters are very polite and friendly and they are able to make helpful suggestions about the menu. However, the service is a little slow, especially when the restaurant gets busy.

The restaurant has a tasteful Eastern-style decor and thick carpets. In addition, the soft ethnic music helps to give the Taj Mahal a very pleasant atmosphere. Nevertheless, the lighting is poor, so it is difficult to read the menu.

In conclusion, although the service can be slow and the lighting poor, the Taj Mahal is a pleasant restaurant that offers excellent food at reasonable prices. Therefore, I would certainly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Indian food.

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