English tenses


Tense Formula Adverbs/ phrases Examples
Past Simple Verb II Yesterday (morning)/ last night/ week/ Wednesday/ a month ago/ in May/ in the morning/ on Sunday/ in 1454/ at 3 o’clock/ the other day/ just now/ often/ seldom/ usually/ as usual/ generally as a rule/ sometimes/ always/ never/ nearly always/ hardly ever/ ever? / every day/ every week/ every month/ once a week/ teice a day/ on Sundays/ on weekdays/ at weekends/ in spring/ Wh – klausimuose (How?/ When?/ What time?/ Where?/ How long?) They borrowed our machiner now. Pete didn’t strike him yesterday. Did you obey them last night? Didn’t he cure her a month ago?
Past Continuous Was/were + Verb(-ing) At 10 o’clock/ at that time/ from one to three/ from morning till night/ all day long/ when she came/ this time last Tuesday/ still/ when I last saw you/ as/ the moment that/ while/ just/ the other day We were quarrelling from midnight till morning. When I last saw her she was wearing short hair. When they saw me, I was weeping. At 8 o’clock we were still irnining our clothes. While we were playing, it was sleeting
Past Perfect Had + Verb(III) Already/ just/ yet/ for/ since/ by noon/ by that time/ by June/ after/ before/ till/ until/ when/ as soon as/ Hardly had sb. done sth when sb. + Simple Past/ Scarcely had sb. done sth. when sb. + Simple Past/ No sooner had sb. done sth. than sb. + Simple Past. After I had torn the letter, I regretted it. The ferry had left the port before the storm began. Scarcely had she uttered her name when the kids began to laugh.
Past Perfect Continuous Had + been + Verb(-ing) 1) For/ since/ all morning. How long + P.P.C ? P.P.C. pažymi how long? 2)That was why My mom said she had been knitting a skirt for five days. How long had you been watching TV when you heard that crash. He had been weeping a lot. That was why his eyes were red.
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