First person narrative


When we write a first person narrative, we begin with an introduction to set the scene with information about who/where/when and why. The main body has two or more paragraphs describing the events in chronological order. The conclusion tells what happened at the end of the story and includes feelings and comments. We normally write the story using the past tenses and a variety of adjectives and adverbs to make it more interesting.


An Embarrassing Experience

Have you ever been really embarrassed? Well, I have. It was last week. I was at an expensive restaurant and I has just finished a delicious meal with a new client. While my guest was in the foyer making an important phone call, I decided to pay the bill.

I reached into my pocket for my credit card, but it wasn't there. Panicked, I took out my purse but it wasn't in there either. I emptied my pockets onto the table, but I couldn't find my credit card anywhere. I didn't know what to do.

When my guest returned, I was checking my purse to see if I had enough money to pay the bill in cash. Unfortunately, I didn't even have enough for the taxi home. So, I went to the foyer to call my boss. When he heard my problem, he laughed and told me to wait for a driver to bring me the company credit card.

A little while later a driver arrived at the restaurant and gave me the card. „Thank you, sir. You've saved the day!“ I said gratefully as I went to pay the bill.

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