When we write instructions, we use the imperative form of the verb and we usually leave out articles. The points must always be writted in the correct order one after the other. We can use numbers or bullets before each instruction. We usually use linking words/phrases (firstm after that, then, next, finally etc) to organise the points or show the order of events.


ATM (Automatic Teller Machine)

  1. Put your card into the machine.
  2. Type in your personal identification number (PIN).
  3. When the 'menu' screen appears, choose the option 'withdraw cash'.
  4. The next screen will ask you how much you want to withdraw.
  5. Press the arrow key on the side of the screen next to the amount you need.
  6. The machine will give you your money and a withdrawal slip showing a record of your transaction.
  7. The screen will ask you if you want another transaction 'Yes/No'.
  8. Choose 'No' and the screen will tell you to take your card.
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