Letter to the editor


We usually write a letter to the editor when we want to express our opinion about a topic that is of interest to the general public, to agree or disagree with something that has been reported, or to discuss a problem and suggest solutions. We usually write a letter to the editor in a formal or semi-formal style.


We start our letter with Dear Sir/Madam,

In the first paragraph, we present our reason for writing and our opinion about the topic.

Main Body

In the second and third paragraphs, we present our arguments/the problems, together with consequences/suggestions/results, in separate paragraphs.


In the last paragraph we summarise our opinion or write it again using different words.

We end with Yours faithfully, and our full name.

Useful expressions

To begin the letter

  • I am writing to express my support for/(dis)approval of …;
  • I am writing with regard to …;
  • I am writing about …;
  • I have just read …

To state an opinion

  • In my optinion, …;
  • I (do not) feel/believe/think …;
  • I am (totally) opposed to/in favour of …;
  • I strongly (dis)agree with …

To express the consequences/results

  • This will/would mean …;
  • Then …;
  • Therefore, …;
  • As a result, …;
  • Consequently, …;
  • If we/they do/did this, …;
  • Obviously, …;
  • Clearly, …

To list points

  • Firstly, …;
  • First of all, …;
  • Secondly, …;
  • Furthermore, …;
  • What is more, …;
  • Finally, …

To end the letter

  • I hope my comments/suggestions/points will be taken into consideration;
  • I hope the government/local council/we will …;
  • I hope something will be done about this urgently


Dear Sir,

I am writing about the recent article in your newspaper regarding the decision to build a new sports centre in our town. In my opinion, this is an excellent idea which will have many advantages for our town.

To start with, the town has very few sports facilities. Many people do not get the chance to play sports when they want. A new sports centre will give more people the opportunity to play sports. It will also give children and teenagers access to better facilities than they have at school, as well as somewhere to go at weekends. At the moment there is very little for them to do.

Furthermore, the new centre will be in an excellent location. It is in the centre of town, near the railway station and several major bus routes. Consequently, it will be very easy to get to. What is more, the fact that is will be build on the site of the old factory means that the town's appearance will be improved.

All in all, I must state that I am in total agreement with the council's decision. I hope that the plan is put into effect as soon as possible.

Yours faithfully,

James Marshall

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