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When we write a news report, we always give it a short, eye-catching headline. In the introduction, which summarises the event, we give information about the time, place and people involved. In the main body, consisting of two or more paragraphs, we describe the event in more detail, including information about the incidents and people involved. In the conclusion, we write people's comments on the event and/or action(s) to be taken. The language we use in news reports is descriptive with frequent use of the passive voice.


Accident at Main and Green

A man was seriously injured in a collision at the corner of Main Street and Green Road in Riverton late yesterday evening.

Tonny Morris, 34, was driving a blue Ford Escort when he turned the corner and crashed into a minibus travelling in the opposite direction. A passer-by who witnessed the accident said that the minibus had been moving at almost twice the legal speed limit.

A policeman at the scene commented that the street lighting in the area was not up to standart and that the council should expect more accidents in future if they did not make improvements.

Mr Morris was on his way to meet friends in a restaurant when the accident happened. He is said to be making a quick recovery at Riverton County Hospital. The driver of the minibus escaped unharmed, but has been charged with dangerous driving.

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