To write a story we first decide on the type of story, the plot and the main characters. Our story can be a comedy, a spy story, a thriller, an adventure story, a detective story, a fairy tale etc.

We can use a variety of adjectives or adverbs to make our story more interesting. We normally use past tenses.


In the first paragraph, we write when and where the event happened, who the people in the story were and what happened first.

Main Body

In the main body paragraphs, we describe the events in the order they happened. One of the events should be the climax event. We can use so, because, and, also etc to join our sentences or ideas.


In the last paragraph, we write what happened in the end and how the people in the story felt.


The best day of my life

Whenever I look at that photograph, it takes me back to those early years when every new experience was so important that it was almost unbearable. It was towards the end of the school year - my first year at primary school - that is happened. I had been looking forward to that day with such eagerness.

I can still remember the shouts of the spectators as I went out onto the sports field with my classmates. Earlier that week I had qualified for the finals of the 100 metres. Now, looking around, I was determined to win.

While I was walking across to the start, I began to feel more and more nervous. I looked at the bustling crowd of spectators, and I saw my proud parents waving enthusiastically. My heart was pounding fast as I lined up with the other eager competitors. I felt so excited that my whole body was shaking. I braced myself, took some deep breaths and waited for the signal. Then the starting pistol sounded and I set off down the track.

I could hear the crowd shouting excitedly, but the noise seemed very far away. I sprinted as fast as I could, not looking at anything except the finishing line. By the time I crossed the line I was so exhausted I could hardly breathe. As soon as I heard the result announced, I realized I had won! Overjoyed, I collapsed on the soft grass with a broad grin on my face.

„Well done!“ said the Headmaster later, as he presented me with the winner's certificate. I had never felt so happy and proud in my life.

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