Transactional letter


We write a transactional letter 2) to respond to some kind of written input. This input may be a letter, an advertisement, an invitation, notes, etc, or a combination of these.

When we write a transactional letter, we have to:

  • Read the rubric carefully, underlining the key words/phrases
  • Choose a writing style depending on who we are writing to (informal, semi-formal or formal)
  • Cover all the points in the rubric in full sentences.

We should use our own words.


You are planning to do an evening class with a friend who has sent you a letter and a leaflet advertising a music school. Read the letter and the leaflet together with your friend's notes. Then write to the school asking for the information which your friend has suggested, adding any relevant questions of your own.

Write a letter of between 120 and 180 words in an appropriate style. Do not write any addresses.

Friend's letter

I think this is the type of course we're looking for. Could you write to the school to get more details? I've made some notes and maybe you can think of any other questions we need to ask…

Leaflet and questions

Stalham School of Music

Would you like to learn to play an instrument?

  1. Choose from electric guitar, drums, keyboard or saxophone. (Instrument provided?)
  2. Elementary, intermediate or advanced. (Absolute beginner?)
  3. Lessons two evenings a week (Which? Length?)
  4. Prices from £10.00 a lesson (Advance payment?)

There are 8-week courses starting in October, January, April.

Soundproof practice rooms available for hire. Bands welcome. (Price?)


October 13, 2006 (on the right side of the page)

Dear Sir or Madam,

I saw an advertisement about your course on the leaflet and got interested in it. I am writing to you because I still have some questions I would like to ask.

Firstly, I have taken music up as a hobby so I would be grateful to attend this course.

Secondly, I would like to ask whether it is possible to attend the course for an absolute beginner like me. Also, I was wondering if I need to bring my own instrument or you will provide me with the one of yours.

Furthermore, I want to ask you on which days of the week the lessons are and how long they last. Also, can I modificate the time? What is more, I want to know if the payment is in advance or I should pay money after each lesson I have.

Finally, I would like to know how much the practice room costs and what is included into the price. Maybe there are any discounts for students and bands?

In conclusion, I would like to thank you for your kind attention and time. I am looking forward to your reply soon.

Yours faithfully,

Name Surname

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